Australian Emergency Law

Discussion on the law that applies to or affects Australia's emergency services and emergency management, by Michael Eburn, PhD, Australian Lawyer. Email:

Books and Book Chapters


  • Emergency Law: Rights, liabilities and duties of emergency workers and volunteers (1st ed 1999; 2nd ed 2005; 3rd ed 2010, 4th ed 2013; The Federation Press, Sydney). (Cited by Penfold J in State of New South Wales v West & Anor [2008] ACTCA 14, [97] and by Walmsley AJ in Warragamba Winery Pty Ltd v State of New South Wales (No 9) [2012] NSWSC 701).
  • Hayes and Eburn: Criminal Law and Procedure in NSW (1st ed 2002; 2nd ed 2005; 3rd ed 2009 (each with Robert Hayes); 4th ed (with Rod Howie and Paul Sattler) 2013; 5th ed (with Rod Howie, Paul Sattler and Marissa Hood) 2016, 6th and 7th eds continued by Howie, Sattler and Hood, Lexis/Nexis). (Cited by Kirby J in Heron v R [2003] HCA 17, [24]).

Book chapters

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