Colleagues at the Australian National University are conducting a research project that ‘aims to explore paramedics’ perceptions of the law, and the extent to which paramedics feel empowered to make critical decisions in the field, including the decision not to transport a patient to hospital.’

If you are a registered paramedic and would like to contribute to this study, go to for more details, or download the Participant Information Sheet.

As the Participant Information Sheet says:

Legislation or policy governing paramedic practice cannot and will not change overnight. By understanding your perceptions of the law and how these perceptions influence your decision making, it may be possible to identify key changes to or clarifications of the law so that it better supports paramedics’ clinical practice.

If you want to make at least a possible contribution to relevant law reform, I urge you to consider taking part in this research.

Disclaimer- This project is being conducted by a student at the ANU College of Law under the supervision of the College Dean, Professor Sally Wheeler.  I am an Honorary Associate Professor at the College but I am not involved in the project and get no benefit from your choice to participate, or not. I promote the project here as a service to the researcher and the College.