The AHPRA website reports that:

… Guidelines for mandatory notifications have been reviewed and publicly consulted on as part a scheduled review and to get ready for the changes to mandatory notification requirements coming into effect in early March 2020.

The revised guidelines explain the requirements to make mandatory notifications under the updated legislative requirements for treating registered health practitioners, non-treating registered health practitioners, employers of registered health practitioners and education providers to make mandatory notifications under the updated legislative requirements.

The requirement to make a mandatory notification about a practitioner is different for different notifier groups. For that reason, the guidelines about practitioners have been structured according to notifier type (that is treating practitioner, non-treating practitioner, employer) so that relevant information for that notifier group is easier to find.

As there are only limited circumstances when a mandatory notification can be made about a student, separate guidelines for notifications about students and practitioners have been developed.

You can read the revised guidelines on the AHPRA Guidelines here.