Safer Care Victoria has announced that the Victorian government has decided to regulate the commercial first aid sector.  An invitation, issued to Victorian first aid providers says:

Dear First Aid provider

The Victorian Government made an election commitment to review the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Act.  As part of that review it has been decided that the commercial first aid sector will be regulated for the first time.  Regulation will include licencing of providers and the setting of minimum patient safety and quality of care standards. The review is now underway.

You are invited to a forum to hear the outline of what is proposed by the Government and to provide your thoughts about what areas are important to regulate (and what is not important), what the likely impacts will be on your business and the provision of first aid more generally, and the minimum standards you think should be put into legislation.

The information provided to the department at this forum will inform the development of a public discussion paper scheduled for release in June or July and will also inform the development of the new First Aid legislation.

*Please note this event will be run over two sessions, covering the same content. Session two will also have the option to join a live stream.


Date: Monday 29 April 2019

Time: 9.30am – 11:30am

Location: Sofitel Melbourne

RSVP: By Wednesday 24 April 2019, via Eventbrite here



Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019

Time: 2pm – 4pm

Location: To be confirmed,

RSVP: By Friday 10 May 2019, via Eventbrite here

The Department of Health and Human Services wants to hear from you as a provider of First Aid and values your input

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This review will see the commercial first aid sector regulated for the first time, including licencing of providers and setting minimum patient safety and quality of care standards.
We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the review, opportunities and events, as well as any changes that might affect your work.

I have been in contact with Victoria’s Chief Paramedic Officer, Alan Eade and he writes:

Anyone is welcome, so feel free to spread the information widely. The forums are public but targeted towards those who have a role / function in providing first aid services. We will not be covering first aid training, only the organised / contracted provision of first aid services. First aid in this setting is broad and covers the basic models through to advanced onsite critical care teams and temporary medical centres (eg: festivals). The legislative reforms discussed will only apply to Victoria but anyone is welcome from other jurisdictions.

It is my intention to travel to Victoria to attend the May forum.  I will report, via this blog, of developments in this interesting project.