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… left NSW Ambulance after 16-17 years entering into the private world setting up my own business in Private Paramedic setting. With registration, what award would I (we) practice under and in the private industry?  How do we have different paramedic classifications such as ICP, Advanced Care , P1 etc… ?

I can’t claim to be an expert in industrial law so I can’t say what the relevant award would be.  That may be a question to be directed to Fair Work Australia.

With respect to paramedic classification, with the introduction of registration there will be only one category of registration.  A person will be registered as a paramedic.  There are minimal educational requirements and in due course there may be national definitions of scope of practice – see Moving interstate – registration and scope of practice (October 17, 2018) but initially at least it is paramedic or its nothing.

The Medical Board has different types of registration for specialist medical practitioners – see  The Board also publishes ‘guidelines detailing the process for organisations to apply for the recognition of a new or amended medical specialty’ (

In due course the Paramedicine Board may decide to introduce different types of registration to allow intensive care, extended care paramedics to have specialist registration but until then the creation of different job descriptions will be up to the employers, just as it is now.