In reply to my earlier post – No special speed zones when passing emergency service vehicles except in South Australia (January 4, 2017) I was asked:

I read that the law has changed in Victoria and SA and is about to change in WA. Can we have an update please?

Indeed the law has changed. From 1 July 2017 there has been a 40km/h speed limit when passing emergency vehicles in Victoria – see New speed limit when passing emergency vehicles in Victoria (June 20, 2017).    .

Western Australia also introduced a 40km/h speed limit with effect from 2 March 2018 (Road Traffic Code 2000 (WA) r 137A(4); see also WA Road Safety Commission Emergency and breakdown vehicles: Slow Down, Move Over).   The WA rule applies whenever there is a stationary incident response (not just an emergency services) vehicle that is ‘is displaying a flashing light other than a turn indicator light or hazard warning light’ (r 137A(1)).

It has been announced that the 40km/h rule will be introduced in both Tasmania (Melissa Mobbs, ‘Tasmanian drivers will be forced to slow down when passing emergency vehicles under new lawsThe Examiner (Online) 22 February 2018) and New South Wales (Troy Grant, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Media release – New 40km hr rule to protect emergency service workers and volunteers, 8 April 2018). The NSW rule will come into effect on 1 September 2018.

The 40km/h road rule has not been introduced in Queensland, the Northern Territory or the Australian Capital Territory but it seems inevitable that it will be introduced at some time.

The law in South Australia remains as discussed in the original post, that is a 25km/h speed limit.