I recently (3 May 2015) had the privilege to deliver the opening keynote address at the 9th Wildland Fire Litigation Conference in Monterey, California.  My theme was ‘Trends in Australian Wildfire Litigation’.   A correspondent wrote and asked if I could make that presentation available via this site, which I’m happy to do.  So if you’re interested you can access

  • the powerpoint slides; and
  • an audio recording (streaming mp3), with the introduction and Q&A session deleted.  I deleted these as you couldn’t hear the other speakers and even if you could, I didn’t have their permission to record them and to publish their input.

Apart from this conference I also attended the Learning from Unintended Consequences course hosted by the National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute and then visited the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Centre.  During these visits I was able to interview a number of key players who have been instrumental in shifting the US Forest Service to a learning organisation that is focused on learning from, rather than blaming for, unintended consequences.  The lessons learned by me, and insights shared, will continue to inform our research on improving the lessons learning process in Australia.

I hope that is of some interest and I thank the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC for their assistance in funding this trip and our ongoing research.