Since I began writing this blog, back on the 29th January 2009, the amount of interest, and number of followers has grown. In that time I’ve made 360 posts and there are now more than 1300 people following this blog via the blog site, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Now many of my Facebook friends are long-term friends and family who, perhaps, have no interest in Emergency services law; and others have become ‘friends’ to access the blog but perhaps have little interest in the latest achievements of my kids.

In order to separate the personal from the professional I have set up a new Facebook Page – Australian Emergency Law (   From today, this blog will be distributed via this professional face book page rather than my personal page. If you want to keep accessing the blog, please go to Australian Emergency Law and ‘like’ that page.  I anticipate that this page may also be another way for people to comment on, and ask questions about ,the relevant law and so continue the discussion.

Apart from Facebook, there are other ways to follow the blog.

  1. Bookmark the blog main page at;
  2. From the main site (
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  3. Follow my twitter account – @EburnM – but a word about twitter – I put the blog out on twitter because WordPress lets me do it, but I don’t actually use twitter on a regular basis. People have tried to ask questions or comment on posts via twitter, but most of the time I don’t see those and so won’t respond, but please don’t take it personally; or
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I thank everyone for your interest in the blog and look forward to continuing the discussion in 2015.