I had the privilege of attending Charles Sturt University’s Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences Higher Degree Research Conference at Wagga Wagga on 16 and 17 November. 

I was invited to give a keynote on my own PhD experience and what I have learned over many years in the sector.  More important was the opportunity to listen to research students presenting reports on their research and the new learning that will inform the emergency management sector.  All the students were doing a professional doctorate, that is a doctorate based on their work in the sector so research that was both theoretically informed and practically focussed.  Research projects included:

  • Developing a Multi-Aerial Platform Operating Model to enable multi-agencies to operate helicopters, planes and drones safely and cohesively within uncontrolled airspace above disasters; 
  • Emergency Management Planning for Domestic Family Violence; 
  • Private sector contribution to community resilience and sustainability; and 
  • A new sustainable volunteer emergency services model.

Thank you CSU for the chance to contribute and I look forward to seeing the outcomes from these projects in due course. 

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