At the suggestion of a number of subscribers I’m experimenting with producing a podcast of this blog. If you’d rather hear me than read the post you can find the podcast on your favourite podcast supplier or goto

I’m also experimenting with a vodcast being delivered by FaceBook –

This WordPress site remains where I will publish the blog and subscribers here will continue to get the posts delivered via email to their desk. But if you find the other sources helpful do please let me know.

Updates on the podcast

I did begin by recording each post as I recorded them but that was a burden and a bit dry. I have therefore decided that what I’ll do is an ‘end of month’ podcast where I’ll report on each post of the month. I hope this will be more conversational than me just reading each post and I’ll also be able to respond to comments, questions, afterthoughts etc. We’ll see how it goes. Look for the first podcast on or around 31 March 2021.