Not surprisingly 2020 has been a busy year on this blog. In 2020:

  • I published 231 posts (including this one) which is an average of 19.25 each month.
  • 369,345 people visited this blog site and looked at
  • 619,903 pages, which is an average of 1.68 pages for each visitor.
  • Visitors came from around the world. As expected most (546,438) were from Australia followed by the United States (32,213), the United Kingdom (10,251), Canada (4,187) and New Zealand (3,287). There was only one visitor from 22 places (not all are sovereign countries) such as Cuba, Guinea, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica.
  • Apart from the home page, the most popular page was Disaster fundraising for government or charity? (January 5, 2020) which was the first of many posts on the fundraiser established by Celeste Barber that was intended to raise $30 000 for the NSW RFS but which ended up raising $51 million. It was viewed 44,019 times with the majority of those views (43,226) in January 2020.