We are all aware that Australia is facing extreme fires in almost every state and territory.  Those fires are being fought by volunteer and paid firefighters and supported by volunteers and staff from all the emergency services, non-government organisations, the Australian Defence Force and the whole of government.  Many, many people will be away from their families this Christmas day and their holiday plans will be disrupted.  That is as nothing compared to those who have lost homes or loved ones during the current emergencies.  Of course some of those who have lost everything have also been out as part of the response, so they are doubly affected.

As Australian Emergency Law I extend my gratitude and thanks to everyone involved in the current response and thank you all for your service at a time that is usually festive holidays.

I wish everyone who reads this blog, whether in the emergency services or not and whether currently responding or not, all the very best for the holiday period. I hope you do get time to spend with family and loved ones and that you stay safe.

I look forward to continuing to report on legal developments across 2020.

Best wishes

Michael Eburn