Today’s correspondent asks if I

…can find somewhere in the legislation that requires the local Council to provide a facility for the local SES?

Another interesting question is, if not required under legislation to provide a facility, can a local Council charge a lease fee to the NSW SES for the facility it uses/occupies?

The obligations of local governments are set out in the State Emergency Service Act 1989 (NSW).  Section 17 says (emphasis added):

(1)  The Commissioner may, on the recommendation of the council of a local government area, appoint one or more persons as a local commander for the area…

(5)  The council of a local government area must, within 3 months of the appointment of a local commander for the area, provide (free of charge) suitable training facilities and storage and office accommodation to enable the local commander to exercise his or her functions.

(6)  Any such facilities and accommodation are to be of a standard approved by the Commissioner.

The local commander is the ‘commander of [all] SES units in a local government area…’ (s 3).  Where there is only one SES unit within a local government area, the unit commander is also the local commander (s 17A(3)).  Section 17(5) makes it clear that council cannot charge a fee for the premises provided under s 17.