Today’s correspondent says:

My question in relation to paramedic registration is how it will likely effect employment positions such as “school nurse,” where the selection criteria might state” must be an RN” or ” must be registered with AHPRA. How might a comparison be made?

To quote from a comment on my blog “Nursing and Paramedicine are not dumbed down Medicine … they are different professions with their own body of knowledge and expertise”. A paramedic is not a nurse so if a school wants to employ a nurse then they do not want to employ a paramedic, podiatrist, optometrist, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner or one of the other 15 registered health professionals.

If the selection criteria is ‘must be an RN’ then a registered paramedic will not meet that essential criteria.  It may be that some employers will decide that a paramedic is well qualified for a position and change their selection criteria to ‘an RN or paramedic’ or may even decide to change what have been ‘nurse’ positions to ‘paramedic’ positions now that paramedics are registered.  Whether that happens or not will be a matter for the employers.