Today’s question relates to the protection of the title ‘paramedic’.  My correspondent asks:

With the Paramedic registration participation date approaching, do you know if the current NSW legislation on who may call themselves a Paramedic will be amended and, if not, whether the NSW legislation as it stands will prevent registered Paramedics from using that title in NSW if they do not meet the requirements of the NSW legislation?

The Health Practitioner Regulation Amendment Act 2017 (NSW) Schedule 3 provides for the repeal of Part 6A of the Health Services Act 1997 (NSW).  Part 6A has only one section, that is s 67ZDA ‘Holding Out As Paramedic’.  What follows is that yes, when paramedic registration comes into operation the NSW title protection legislation will be repealed.  I expect that this will also happen with the protection of title legislation in South Australia and Tasmania.