Further to my post Update on emergency service speed zones (April 8, 2018), I can report that the Australian Capital Territory has also announced the introduction of the 40km/h speed zone with effect from 14 April 2018 (ie next Saturday) – see ACT Emergency Services Agency, New laws requiring drivers to slow down while passing emergency vehicles at the side of the road (Undated)

It would appear, from this announcement, that the ACT rules will be based on the Victorian rules. It appears they will carry over the requirement, that is in both the Victorian and WA rules (Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (Vic) r 79A(1); Road Traffic Code 2000 (WA) r 137A(2)) ‘to slow down to a speed that would enable you to, if necessary, stop safely when approaching and passing police or emergency vehicles’. As noted in my post on the Victorian rules (New speed limit when passing emergency vehicles in Victoria (June 20, 2017)) that rule implies you can’t ever pass a stationary vehicle, but of course that is not what is intended.

It will be difficult for the ACT to have that rule, whilst NSW waits until 1 September.  Drivers from NSW who are made aware of the implementation date in that state may not realise that it will already apply when they drive into the ACT.  If driver’s from the ACT drive into NSW (as we do often) it won’t hurt if they slow down even if not required to (provided the driver behind them is leaving enough room and paying attention to them and not the emergency service vehicle).

And as a resident of the ACT this is the first I have heard of a rule that is intended to come into force at the end of this week!  Hardly time to allow police and the ACT government to ‘educate the community about safe speeds around incidents to prevent the death or serious injury of workers and others at the scene.’