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Adding another string to my bow

I’ve been doing work on law and emergency services for some time now- the first edition of my book Emergency Law came out in 1999.  The work I’ve done has been in the context of an academic career in a publicly funded institution (first at the University of New England and then the Australian National University).  That work has taken the form of research for publication, funded research and, of course, my blog.  Working in an institution like that has limitations including one can’t give specific legal advice.

To add another string to my bow, I have now joined Blackburn Chambers – a floor of barristers here in Canberra.   As a practising barrister I am now in a position to give specific legal advice on issues involving the emergency services. (This will be in addition to my continued work at the ANU so rest assured, the blog will continue).

So now, for all those that have asked questions that I couldn’t on the blog, I can now offer a professional service.  For enquiries, my new practice email is eburn (at)  (Substitute @ for (at) in that email address, I’m just trying to minimise spam).

6 thoughts on “Adding another string to my bow

  1. Congratulations well earned and hope i will never need your services. Keep up the bloggs your service is appreciated.

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