That quote a “Fire-based EMS system that occasionally fights fires” comes from the Assistant Chief, Norman Seals.

With ongoing discussion about trying to free Australian ambulance services from non-emergency services (see ‘New law for ambulance services in Tasmania‘ (August 29, 2013) and a ‘Changes to ambulance legislation in NSW – about time too!‘ (August 24, 2015)) it is interesting to see Dallas Fire and Rescue seeking to expand its role into the non-emergency sector.  US lawyer and fire fighter Larry Bennett gives the following report in his regular newsletter ‘Fire, EMS & Safety Law‘.

COMMUNITY PARAMEDICINE – NEW OHIO STATUTE – On Aug. 21, 2015, UC Fire Science held its 5th seminar on Community Paramedicine, with 240 RSVPs. On June 30, 2015, the Ohio Governor signed Budget Bill that authorizes EMS to provide non-emergency services, starting Oct. 1, 2015. A keynote speaker at the “standing room only” seminar was Assistant Fire Chief Norman Seals, Dallas, Texas, who announced that they expect $1.9 million in revenue, including contracts with two hospitals to visit recently released patients who lacked insurance for home care. Chief Seals’ Powerpoint, and those of other speakers, is posted at: