I have previously written on the application of OHS laws to the emergency services (see my article, ‘Changes to occupational health and safety laws and the impact on volunteers in the emergency services’ (2011) 27(4) Australian Journal of Emergency Management 43-47).   I have made further comment on work health and safety laws, in particular in the UK, following the death of a woman in a disused coal mine.  The fire service refused to rescue her, waiting instead for the specialised police mines rescue team, with the result that she died from ‘survivable’ injuries.  This case has been the subject of earlier commentary on this blog (see Legal confusion leads to unnecessary deathand is now the subject of an article appearing in the latest issue of Crisis Response – see ‘Emergency services and health and safety’ (2012) 8(1) Crisis Response 10-13.

I’ve attached a copy of the article that you can download from here.

Michael Eburn.

31 May 2012.

Eburn, Crisis Response Journal 8.1